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SAIC Hongyan’s First Hydrogen-powered Heavy-duty Truck Rolled off the Line

2022/01/17 Trucks
ORDOS, CHINA, Jan 17(chinatrucks.com)--On January 14, a ceremony for the launch of Hongyan’s Tianlong Factory & the First Hydrogen Heavy Truck Off-line was grandly held in Ordos. This marks that world’s first 10000-unit hydrogen heavy-duty truck project has achieved phase achievements, which in turn will drive the industry cluster project “Hydrogen Energy Storage from Wind and Solar Power” based in Ordos into a high-speed development period.

On July 20, 2021, SAIC Group and Ordos municipal government officially signed the investment agreement for the project of new energy vehicle industry chain. On October 13, 2021, SAIC-Hongyan launched world’s first 10,000-unit hydrogen heavy-duty truck project in Inner Mongolia.  In just three months after its grounbreaking, SAIC Hongyan has enabled the start-up of Tianlong plant and the first hydrogen heavy truck off-line.

The Tailong plant has a total building area of 10000㎡ and an estimated annual production capacity of 3000 new energy vehicles. With the concept of “smart digital manufacturing” and domestic advanced manufacturing facility for new energy heavy-duty trucks, the goal is to establish the plant into domestic advanced new energy heavy-duty manufacturing facility that integrates assembly, inspection and shipment together.

The start-up of Tailong Plant signifies the realization of the production of new energy heavy-duty trucks in Ordos, a city with abundant natural resources. With the access to the upstream and downstream new energy industry chain, it can effectively shorten the cycle of vehicle delivery and provide quick response to market demands in Northern Xinjiang.

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