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BYD Partners with NVIDIA to bring GeForce NOW Cloud Gaming to NEVs

2023/01/13 Car

Las Vegas, America - BYD, the world’s leading manufacturer of new energy vehicles (NEVs), announced today it is working with NVIDIA to bring NVIDIA GeForce NOW™ cloud game streaming to its vehicles. BYD demonstrated how technological innovation is enhancing the automotive smart cockpit and bringing users an immersive gaming experience during NVIDIA’s CES 2023 special address.

NVIDIA GeForce NOW can stream a real-time, full PC gaming experience to desktops, laptops, TVs, and mobile devices, and now to software-defined cars. GeForce NOW will enable occupants of these vehicles to stream games while parked or charging a NEV.

“We are excited to offer our customers the best in technology, comfort, and design from BYD and now the latest in gaming through NVIDIA's GeForce NOW high-performance cloud gaming service. The experience of driving our cars is becoming increasingly sophisticated, entertaining, and sustainable”, said Stella Li, Executive Vice President of BYD Company Limited and CEO of BYD Americas.

“Accelerated computing, AI, and connectivity are delivering new levels of vehicle automation, safety, convenience, and enjoyment to the car”, said Ali Kani, vice president of automotive at NVIDIA. “The ability to stream popular titles from gamers’ libraries along with dozens of free-to-play games will bring the in-vehicle infotainment experience to new heights.”

Leveraging the openness and compatibility of its intelligent network connection system, BYD is collaborating with NVIDIA to create a user-friendly and immersive gaming experience within BYD’s intelligent cockpit.

BYD’s network connection system boasts outstanding performance in terms of intelligence, efficiency, and humanization. With its 15.6-inch Intelligent-Rotate Screen and HiFi-class Dynaudio Sound System, BYD furnishes users with a smart cockpit experience. Moving forward, BYD will continue to focus on technological innovation and bring enhanced in-vehicle experiences to more customers.

Source : ev.chinavehicle.org

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