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JAC Launching YIWEI 3 Edition

2024/03/28 Car

Recently, the "ten-thousand-level"RMB pure electric small car market is about to welcome a "king-level" contestant - the YIWEI 3 Edition. The car immediately unleashed a big move with the launch of three models with different ranges: 330km, 405km, and 505km. Among them, the 330km range model is a new addition, and its price is expected to enter the 70,000 yuan range.

Simultaneously, the car is equipped with four ultimate solutions: a nine-in-one super electric drive, a honeycomb battery that never ignites, a five-star safety body, and a Midea heat pump air conditioning system. Additionally, with over 80 functional configurations, it delivers an exceptional experience, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

Recently, the XNYAUTO.COM learned that the first batch of YIWEI 3 Edition production cars have been officially launched at the Jianghuai YIWEI Smart Factory. The new cars will be immediately shipped to sales outlets across the country to ensure timely delivery to customers upon listing, truly achieving "listing and delivery simultaneously."

Starting with its appearance, one glance at the YIWEI 3 Edition reveals that it is primarily targeted at young users. The car continues to emphasize the "Bubble Universe Aesthetics" design philosophy. The front fascia's Angel's Eye headlights contain 137 LED light beads, effectively combining retro, technological, and cute elements. The enclosed front fascia, hidden door handles, sporty wheels, and vibrant color schemes exude a youthful vitality that caters to the aesthetics of trendy users.

Thanks to the all-new pure electric DI platform, the YIWEI 3 boasts dimensions of 4025/1770/1560mm and a wheelbase of 2620mm. In terms of spatial positioning, it is larger than most of its competitors in the same segment. The rear features a sizeable rounded rectangular taillight assembly, coupled with an embedded license plate area, creating a rich visual hierarchy.

In terms of power, the current YIWEI 3 is equipped with motors with maximum power ratings of 70kW and 100kW, delivering torque figures of 135N·m and 175N·m, respectively. It is powered by 41kWh and 51.5kWh lithium iron phosphate battery packs, offering two range options of 405km and 505km. Notably, the YIWEI 3 Zhiai Edition will introduce a new 330km range version.

Source : www.chinaev.org

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