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CIMC &Shaanxi Automobile X5000 classic ultra-light alloy steel liquid tank truck

2024/04/24 SPVs
In recent years, the rapid development of oil and chemical industries has also indirectly led to the rapid development of hazardous chemicals logistics industry. A safe and easy tank truck has become the wish of the majority of users. For this situation, CIMC&Shaanxi Automobile has developed a safer, more cost-effective and easier to use X5000 classic ultra-light alloy steel liquid tank truck, which is suitable for transporting industrial concentrated sulfuric acid and liquid alkali (sodium hydroxide solution).
The front and tank are integrated, which can make the vehicle lighter, the corrosion-resistant alloy steel lasts longer, and the first high-strength rear protection device makes the performance safer in this industry.
CIMC&Shaanxi Automobile really give energy to the industry and created wealth for users.

Source : www.chinaspv.com
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